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As we embark on the fourth year of our podcast journey together, we want to express our sincerest gratitude for your unwavering support of The Slavic Literature Pod. Since we started making episodes in 2020, we have strived to fill the gap we saw in the books and education podcast categories. For years we have been dedicated to analyzing the literature of Russia's Golden Age, interviewing respected scholars of Slavic literature, and giving a platform to new and emerging writers from Eastern Europe.

In order to continue providing you with the highest quality Slavic literature content, we are launching a pledge drive this December affectionately called SAVE OUR SHOW. As an independent podcast, listener contributions play a critical role in ensuring that our show can remain ad-free. Our supporters help us shoulder the cost of the tools we use to make the podcast, pay those who help us produce the podcast, and even help us pay for this very website. By becoming paid a supporter of The Slavic Literature Pod, not only do you help ensure the longevity of our show, but gain access to exclusive perks, such as our research notes for almost every episode, an exclusive Discord role, and voting on our longer series. Your support makes it possible for us to cover our costs without having to jam our show full of annoying, intrusive, and irrelevant ads.

In order to consider SAVE OUR SHOW a success, we are trying to gain 10 new paid subscribers in the month of December.

Will you help us by becoming a supporter today? Whether big or small, your monthly contribution makes a significant impact on our mission of being able to share Slavic literature with the world. Together, let's continue our journey of making learning fun.

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Matt and Cameron