Life and Fate (Part 3, Chs. 49-61) by Grossman

Major themes: Bureaucracy, Stalingrad, the meaning of Life and Fate

Aelita (1924) by Protazanov

Major themes: Is popular media art?, Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Sugar

Office Hours - Answering r/Dostoevsky's hottest questions

Major themes: Pierre winky face, Dostoevsky and atheists, Laurus

Life and Fate (Part 2 Chs. 51-62, Part 3 chs. 1-18) by Grossman

Major themes: Madonna and babe, redemptive humanism, gossip

The Body of the Soul by Ulitskaya

Major themes: Death, dogs, the essential immortality of the soul

Office Hours - Ranking our best episodes

Major themes: reflection, tier lists, angry listener feedback