We Need to Talk: Supporter Drive '23

Major themes: sustainability and off-loading

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Powered by RedCircle This week, Matt and Cameron start up the December Supporter Drive 2023, aiming to raise their paying monthly supporters by 10 people. If you're interested in supporting us, you can do so here. So why are we asking for the money? To answer that, we recorded several

The Master and Margarita (chs. 26-epilogue) by Bulgakov

Major themes: Comedy in translation, Ivan as creative process, PG shootouts for Americans

A Volga Tale (The Pupil-The Son-The Children) by Yakhina

Major themes: Knowing The Big Lie, WWII as billiards, rivers as historical force

Office Hours - Life and Fate Chapter a Day Read Along 1/1/2024

Major themes: The Home Depot-Lowe’s spectrum, violence in media, Crime and Punishment and CCTV

The Master and Margarita (chs. 19-25) by Bulgakov

Major themes: Eroticism as individuality, fairytales as moral clarity, alternative afterlives