Life and Fate (p.1 chs. 61-70, p.2 chs. 1-20) by Grossman

Major themes: Provocative moral questions, totalitarian ideology, World War 2 worship

Light Breathing by Bunin

Major themes: Philosopher ships, respecting tomes, the emigree Gorky

Office Hours - Do-stoevsky it for the 'gram, Empress Theresa

Major themes: Read Along recap, Dosteovsky-gram, Empress Theresa

Life and Fate Book 1 Chs. 32-60 by Grossman

Major themes: Rehumanizing routine, totalizing systems and their believers, GrossmanGPT

The Czech Manuscripts (w/ Author Dr. David Cooper)

This week, Matt and Cameron are joined by Professor David Cooper to talk about his new book The Czech Manuscripts: Forgery, Translation, and National Myth.