The Czech Manuscripts (w/ Author Dr. David Cooper)

This week, Matt and Cameron are joined by Professor David Cooper to talk about his new book The Czech Manuscripts: Forgery, Translation, and National Myth.

Office Hours - Dissertation, sea monsters, DostoevskyGPT

Major themes: Dissertations, fears of sea monsters, DostoevskyGPT

Ochre & Rust by Gandlevsky (w/ translator Philip J. Metres)

Major themes: Prodigious drinking, After the USSR’s dissolution, Andrei Bolkonsky returns

The Sulphur Spring by Durova/Alexandrov

Major themes: Improvised speaking, sulpher water, ambiguous relationships

We Need to Talk: Supporter Drive '23

Major themes: sustainability and off-loading

SAVE OUR SHOW: Supporter Drive '23

This week, Matt and Cameron start up the December Supporter Drive 2023, aiming to raise their paying monthly supporters by 10 people. If you're interested in supporting us, you can do so here. So why are we asking for the money? To answer that, we recorded several short