Aelita (1924) by Protazanov

Aelita (1924) by Protazanov

Show Notes

This week, Matt and Cameron dive into the 1924 film Aelita, directed by Yakov Protazanov, to learn more about very early Soviet sci-fi, New Economic Policy anxiety, and Martian socialist revolution. It’s the most fun you didn’t know you could have with a silent film. Get your plans for your rocket ship, write “Anta Odeli Uta” on your window, and tune in!

Major themes: Is popular media art?, Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Sugar

12:51 - Cinema and Soviet Society: From the Revolution to the Death of Stalin by Peter Kenez

16:38 - “Women as Princesses or Comrades: Ambivalence in Yakov Protazanov’s ‘Aelita’ “ by Peter Christensen

The music used in this episode was “Старое Кино / Staroye Kino,” by Перемотка / Peremotka. You can find more of their work on Bandcamp and Youtube

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