The Master and Margarita (chs. 10-18) by Bulgakov

Major themes: Referential mania, a theoretical Margarita, Is the Soviet Man actually new?

Signs and Symbols by Nabokov (w/ Drs. Sara Karpukhin and José Vergara)

Major themes: suspicious reading, open access

Office Hours - "Literary" fiction, bookstagram, and questionable takes

Major themes: What is fiction anyway?, Rodion “Richard” Raskolnikov, Suspicious Civil War literature

The Master and Margarita (chs. 1-9) by Bulgakov

Major themes: Speculating on currency, writing in the USSR, The Devil as chance

The Kreutzer Sonata with Dr. Tatyana Gershkovich

Major themes: Moral Tracts, suspicious reading, bad marriages

The Performance by Dovlatov

Major themes: The real no-termers, dirty reality & brilliant falsehood, theater of absurdity