Crime and Punishment p.1 (w/ Dr. Katherine Bowers)

Show Notes

This week, Matt and Cameron are kicking off our Crime and Punishment series in a bloody fashion! They’ll be speaking with Dr. Katherine Bowers - an associate professor at the University of British Columbia and vice-president of the North American Dostoevsky Society- about Crime and Punishment’s relationship to narrative, to contemporary crime reporting, and oh so much more! Dostoevsky is an author that absolutely needs no introduction, so grab a stakan of vodka and start dreaming about horses - it’s Crime time, babey.

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Major themes: Poking at a rotten tooth, Razumikhin the Superman, The Drunkards

01:21 - “Dostoevsky at 200: The Novel in Modernity” eds. Katherine Bowers and Kate Holland

04:10: “The Rise of Crime and Punishment from the Air of the Media” by Konstantine Klioutchkine

05:05 - “Feuilleton

08:33 - 150ish, close enough

09:06 - Crime and Punishment: When Raskolnikov leaves the police station, he loses his limp; this is a subtle allusion to the fact that he may be the real Keyser Söze.

What is To be Done: After obtaining all seven infinity stones, Rakhmetov uses his newfound power to eliminate all food that isn’t black rye bread and ham.

Zuleikha: Zuleikha is almost killed by the invading Nazi Zombies - but at the last moment, Yuzuf and Ignatov return with their newly-acquired AKMs and blow the crowd away. Zuleikha throws away her cigar and drops a one-liner as the movie fades to black.

Anna Karenina: They solve their problems with polyamory.

53:27 - Skip to 54:10 to avoid references to the ending.

54:20 - Here’s a link to check out the tweets!

58:00 - You can find Dr. Bowers’s twitter here!

58:16 - Here’s a link to Dr. Bowers’s website!

58:50 - Writing Fear: Russian Realism and the Gothic

The music used in this episode was “soviet march,” by Toasted Tomatoes. You can find more of their work on Bandcamp and YouTube.