Eugene Onegin p.1 by Pushkin

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Show Notes

This week, Matt and Cameron kick off a mini-series to get the mood up with Chapters 1 through 3 of Eugene Onegin! In it, we’ll be following…well, some of Eugene’s story as the narrator wanders back and forth between explaining our protagonist’s life and the narrator’s own lost loves (both in terms of people and passions). Get ready for your soirees tonight, use all 30 brushes in your cabinet, and grab a drink for this entertaining read!

Major themes: Terpsichorean foot, Russian Nobility, It’s Napoleon all the way down

11:48 - “Russian God” by Piotr Vyazemsky

14:53 - Strasbourg Pie

19:49 “Wholesale Failure/Day Gaunt” by Days N Daze

35:46 - “Dressing Gown Farewell” by Piotr Vyazemsky

53:29 - “Loins” lmao