Fathers and Children p.2 by Turgenev

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Show Notes

This week, Matt and Cameron finish the second half of Fathers and Children by Ivan Turgenev. In doing so, they discuss the finer points of dueling etiquette, the most ironically romantic death possible, and go on about the Narodnaya Volya again. The humor and conflict are finely interwoven into the latter half of this text and we hope you appreciate it as much as we do!

Major themes: Feeling bad about not calling our parents more often, self-deceiving characters, the collision of ideology and human emotion.

05:23 - Lenin’s older brother Aleksandr Ulyanov was a member of the Narodnaya Volya (and, in fact, was quite an important ideologue within the group) before his 1887 arrest and execution.

29:48 - I meant to say “character piece.”

The music used in this episode was “soviet march,” by Toasted Tomatoes. You can find more of their work on Bandcamp and Youtube.

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