Life and Fate (p.1 chs. 61-70, p.2 chs. 1-20) by Grossman

Show Notes:

This week, Matt and Cameron continue their quest through Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate, covering Part 1, chs. 61-70 along with Part 2, chs. 1-20. They’ll be going into greater depth about the state of Grossman’s world, the nature of fascism, and will dive a little bit into the nature of science in the USSR. 

Major themes: Provocative moral questions, totalitarian ideology, World War 2 worship

01:57 - Find “Life and Fate - Chapter A Day Read Along” anywhere you get your podcasts, Apple PodcastsSpotify, wherever! 

3:52 - Sorry about the weird noises over this part! Tried to re-record it, but the issue kept popping back up. 

31:44 - This example comes to mind due to Jacob Geller’s video essay “Who’s Afraid of Modern Art?”

48:36 - Cesare is actually from the Island of Martinique, but was a French speaker. 

The music used in this episode was “Старое Кино / Staroye Kino,” by Перемотка / Peremotka. You can find more of their work on Bandcamp and Youtube

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