Love of the Worker Bees by Kollontai

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Show Notes

This week, Matt and Cameron dive into Love of the Worker Bees by Alexandra Kollontai, a major figure of early Soviet Union Bolshevik politics. Though she would later fall out of favor due to her outspoken opposition to the changing Bolshevik party, Kollontai remained a USSR official, Marxist feminist theorist, and author until her death. I know, I know, more Soviet political theory—some day you will find this as interesting as we do. It’s just a matter of time.

Major themes: Adultery, *Our* kid, New Economic Policy = Capitalism?

33:40 - This is what they tell Vasilisa, to be clear, and is not a reflection of my personal views.

The music used in this episode was “soviet march,” by Toasted Tomatoes. You can find more of their work on Bandcamp and Youtube.