An Out-Of-Tune Piano, An Accordion by Andrukhovych

An Out-Of-Tune Piano, An Accordion by Andrukhovych

Show Notes

This week, Matt and Cameron get into something a little more modern with a short story from Ukrainian writer and translator Sophia Andrukhovych, “An Out-Of-Tune Piano, An Accordion.” Come join in as they debate the meaning of the fantasy or dream (or maybe terrifying reality?) of a woman named Viola as she stumbles upon a sort of danse macabre in the midst of worrying about her dying husband, Renat.

Major themes: Dreams, Cats = good/bad?, “Diseased predator”

02:04 - The White Chalk of Days

26:45 - Sophia Andrukhovych In Dialogue With Orhan Pamuk

28:58 - A Curse on Dostoevsky

40:32 - Symphonie Fantastique

41:13 - A composer, I should have said

42:42 - Watch this Tonight w/ our own Matt Gerasimovich

The music used in this episode was “Старое Кино / Staroye Kino,” by Перемотка / Peremotka. You can find more of their work on Bandcamp and Youtube.

Check out the work of Shae McMullin, who did our wonderful podcast art.

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