Stalingrad p.5 by Grossman

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Show Notes

This week, Matt and Cameron get a little over halfway into Grossman’s Stalingrad, covering more themes from the homefront - spending more time with Pavel Andreyev the factory worker and Marusya Shaposhnikova, organizational investigator. Learn a little more about the place of art in the USSR and how every unhappy family is unlike in their own way in Part 5 of our series on Stalingrad. Grab your thoughts on the two truths, sit down, and tune in!

Major themes: Cement 2: Grossman Boogaloo, Soviet HR, Zhenya’s Untrue Art

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01:09 - I forgot the funniest part of this story which was when we turned on the local radio station and the announcer said, “We have a great diversity of music on this station, just like the great diversity of….Grateful Dead fans out here,” before launching into a Grateful Dead song. Truly iconic.

01:28 - The town name is actually Whiskeytown, my mistake.

01:30 - Also Coffee Creek.