We Need to Talk: Supporter Drive '23

This week, Matt and Cameron continue the December Supporter Drive 2023, aiming to raise their paying monthly supporters by 10 people. If you're interested in supporting us, you can do so here.

So why are we asking for the money? To answer that, we recorded several short episodes covering our purpose (as we see it), how we plan to spend the money, and how we're looking to expand into the future.

This week, we'll talking through what we intend to use your money for: for the tools we use, to help make our job more sustainable by hiring people to take on some of the tasks we've done for years now, and so on.

Major themes: sustainability and off-loading

If you're interested in supporting us, you can do so here. We're calling it SAVE OUR SHOW, because we're asking for help paying for all the software, tools, and people who make this podcast work – and to help us continue to do it well into the future.

The music used in this episode was “Старое Кино / Staroye Kino,” by Перемотка / Peremotka. You can find more of their work on Bandcamp and Youtube

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