We p.2 by Zamyatin

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Show Notes

This week, Matt and Cameron finish reading We by Evgeny Zamyatin where they finally uncover I-330’s secret plans, the truth of the Benefactor, and the dark secret of voting: that before The One State, it was done in private—as if it were an occult ritual. Get your pink slip, drop the blinds, and tune in!

Major themes: The False Neutrality of Logic, Math, The Final Number

10:37 - If you’re wondering why I left this in, it’s because I didn’t properly restart my sentence so there was no good way to edit out the mistake without the “re-mount” sounding incredibly out of place. If you’ve ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes stuff, there’s an exciting reality of it.

29:28 - bro what

The music used in this episode was “soviet march,” by Toasted Tomatoes. You can find more of their work on Bandcamp and Youtube.